Say no to large breakfast

Modest breakfast or a hearty meal? This question certainly raises a lot of people who want to lose weight. To assist in the selection of researchers from Germany conducted a special study. They invited 300 people to them. Participants wrote down every day, what they ate. Some people prefer a small breakfast, others larger, and some opt out of them at all.

The results showed that regardless of the number of calories supplied with the first meal, calorie lunch, and dinner was at a similar test. Although some supporters of the big breakfast later resigned from the snacks, and so their caloric balance was larger meals.

Although it is good to eat a healthy breakfast if they provide a lot of calories, we must remember that the rest of the day and avoid too large meals. Best to limit saturated fats, carbohydrates, and remember to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Unfortunately, the morning and sometimes fatal greed: (