Healty spices - Chili

In the next few posts I will share with you information about various healthy spices. They improve the taste and are good for you. Simply add them to your favourite dishes.


This spice, which is a hot chili pepper, used mostly in the kitchens of the world. It is rich in bioactive substances, contains a very acute capsaicin and beta-carotene. The pod also contains flavonoids, rutin and hesperidin. There are also its vitamin C.
Capsaicin is so strong that you only put in the mouth a bit of chilli to tears from the eyes and nose pociekłyrunny nose . This effect (the mucous membranes of nerve stimulation) is important in the treatment of colds, cold-as thanks to perfectly cleanse the airways, thins the mucus in the lungs of defaulting and bronchi. Capsaicin also acts in the stomach-stimulates the secretion of digestive juices. Included in the chili flavonoids prevent platelets from sticking together and thus are a weapon against clots. In addition, these flavonoids with beta-carotene and vitamin C are an effective weapon against free radicals. Remember that capsaicin is sharp enough that you should avoid contact with eyes.

Application: spicy sauces, dishes with legumes (lentils), in addition to poultry, soups