Burning calories in a sauna

During one session can burn up to 2,000 calories! It removes from the body not only water but also the excess fat.

The popularity of saunas in Poland is growing. These steam and Finnish already know. But if everyone has already heard about the infrared? The infrared cabins have no pair, no hot air, and thus related breathing problems. The heat generated by four centimeters penetrates into the body and warms up, while in the traditional sauna heats the skin surface only.

In the infrared saunas to sweat more, which is removed from the body more toxins. Infrared cabin heated to a temperature of 1940-1970 ° C (for the first time around 1955-1960 deg C). A great advantage of the session in the sauna, the infrared is a slimming effect. After a 40-minute screening to lose about 1200 calories, some say even 2000!